Rapper Lil Keed has died at the age of 24

Lil Keed has died at the age of 24, and his brother Lil Gotit has been confirmed on social media.

Lil Keed, born Raqhid Render, was a prominent musician, often collaborating with his YSL music mates Gunna and Young Thug.

Lil Keed, real name Raqhid Render, leaves behind a young daughter, Naychur. He was born on March 16, 1998, in Atlanta, Georgia.

This outbreaking news coming out of the hip hop community that boy little kid has been found dead now look at you all there is very small information on this situation we’re not sure if his life got taken due to gun violence.

Rapper Lil Keed

we’re not sure if he died of a natural cause but we do know that this guy actually lost his life and it’s being spammed all over the internet right now look the craziest thing about this entire situation is the fact that he is a young thugs artist not only is he young thug’s artist but he’s actually signed to ysl and 300.

Now, look y’all if you don’t remember this guy let’s go ahead and rewind the clock all the way back to that million dollars worth the game interview with a young thug, and if you look closely.

You’ll see multiple mixtapes multiple albums I mean this guy’s work craft was definitely on point he dropped a lot of music.

He was a part of the label he was very close to young thug it seems like and he’s definitely an important figure of the ysl family right so as this story develops y’all already know I’m a comeback and hit y’all with that hot news we definitely gonna have some conversation about everything that’s going on and you know what it’s definitely a crazy situation if anybody is listening to this news.

Fans and friends rushed to pay tribute.

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