Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron posted white supremacist manifesto

Payton Gendron, 18, has been named as the shooter who killed 10 people in a massacre at an upstate New York supermarket Saturday.

Police say at least 10 people were killed at a supermarket in buffalo new york today.

The suspect has been arraigned and charged with first-degree murder in what authorities believe is a racially motivated attack Michael George reports from new york.

Buffalo police say the gunman wore body armor and military-style clothing as he opened fire and live streamed the deadly rampage at the top friendly market.

we have suffered a mass shooting with multiple casualties and several people injured this is the worst nightmare.

that any community can face and we are hurting and we are seething right now as community authorities say the 18-year-old suspect was quickly taken into custody after carrying out the nation’s latest mass shooting.

the police and the FBI questioned Payton Gendron late Saturday and he was later arraigned and charged with first-degree murder the shooter traveled hours from outside this community to perpetrate this crime.

Payton Gendron
Payton Gendron is believed to have released a 180-page manifesto.
Photo By: Mark Mulville/The Buffalo News/AP

Buffalo police say the suspected shooter drove many miles across the state before the attack in a predominantly black neighborhood a law enforcement source tells CBS news.

he was yelling racial slurs during the shooting spree this was pure evil it was a straight-up racially motivated hate crime.

the FBI is involved in the investigation and governor Kathy hokel says new york’s hate crimes task force is also taking part Michael George CBS news new york and the alleged gunman has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder a court hearing is scheduled for next week.

the shooting happened just over a year after an attack that killed 10 people at a grocery store in boulder colorado.

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