Apple discontinues its last iPod model

One of the most popular and iconic gadget brands is breathing its last today. Apple announced that it would no longer make the iPod touch, the previous device to carry the iPod name.

Apple discontinues its last iPod model
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it’s pure nostalgia and I remember using this apple this morning and announcing the iPod is dead well I remember I thought my first iPod was there I remember buying it and the music that came with it but now iPod is dead and it’s as much a particular gadget.

that can ever be dead well instead it will shuffle off with this bottle coil slowly remaining for sale while supplies last after the iPod apple went on to bring.

iPhones were a huge success but iPod was not a success that’s why now it is being shelved so no more after the supplies iPod has nostalgia it brought music to many people but now it’s the end of the road for iPod music because Apple has decided it will stop sales of iPod.

which was there as a music gadget when it came to sony’s walkman was quite popular but then iPod tried to replace that thing but never happened so it’s clearly nostalgia that is going to be over now.

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